Amazing Photographs and Blogging...

Hi folks,

Why do I blog ? that question was asked recently, now there's a thing, a lot of the time I sit here typing away and not a lot of folk actually check out what I am writing about, either that or if they do they don't often comment about it. The probably just dook in have a decco and dook out again , but to be honest I don't really blog for effect it's more for therapeutic reasons I think.

I just write down all the rubbish that enters my head and yeah I do know that most of it is rubbish... I have sort of run out of childhood experiences to talk about, well any which I think of as funny and that folk would enjoy hearing about. So unless some one or thing jogs my memory my mind is a closed book . My Lord, imagine that - me not having anything to talk about .

Today I feel kinda lost , you see this is Wednesday and normally I look after Louis ( our grandchild number eight and the youngest one ) on a Wednesday - not seeing him last week and again today really feels weird.... I really miss his wee cheeky face and his childish banter, he is an unconcious comedian and is surely bound for show business. It's weird how up until he was nearly three years old he didn't speak and we were worried about him not talking, although I had said to his Mum that he would probably be like his Dad and make up for it when he did start to talk. Sure as God made apples, he has never stopped yakking since then and in order to have a conversation with either his Mum or Dad you have just to jump right in there to take advantage of a second of silence from Lou..... it doesn't happen very often ! there are no secrets either - talk about a tell-tale tit arrggghhh ... He and his parents are due back from their holiday today, so I expect we will be assaulted by his little impish frame in due course.

I have just been watching Richard and Judy on TV where one of their guests today was Tracey Emin you know the artist who 20 years ago stumped folk with her art exhibit ' The unmade bed' I think it was called. Her latest art show combines a lot of other examples of her work, it is being held in Edinburgh at the Festival and I must admit that I would quite like to go and have a looksee. One of her latest art exhibits is on show throughout a seaside place in England and while she spoke about it I must admit I was quite taken with her, years ago she came across as being a right cheeky, boisterous, bolshie, loud and brash character. The examples of her seaside art is where she has bonded or plated childrens items of clothing and small toys in brass, they looked amazing and apparently they had a lot of bother actually working with and physically plating the items.... It really looks amazing and has a bit of a melancholy feel, you would think that these items would get stolen but according to Emin herself, people seem to have kind of adopted her show and no-one has even moved them.

For me, being into Art etc it was really interesting to see how much she had changed since she had started and I look forward to checking out her exhibition.

Cheers for now, Kate xxx.

P.S. the Aurora Pictures showing Teepees were taken when the temperature was minus 37 deg.