Visit to Newark... Travel Lodge.

Hi Everyone,

Well , we are home and although we survived the journey with no accidents the visit was not empty of mishaps - have you ever stayed in a Travel Lodge ? No, neither had I and I hope never to visit one again if it was like the one we had been booked into and stayed 2 nights, it was supposed to have been 3 nights, but we all had had enough by the time we had spent 2 nights there. I had been led to believe that they are OK with quite a moderate standard of accomodation - hehe, I suppose it depends what you are used to (and how lucky you are) !

I got the impression that the hotel was in the process of being closed down, for instance the Bathroom had big notices stuck to the old tiling warning people not to touch the towel rail as it was very hot ! no towel rail was there (or perhaps it was invisible) . There was a smell of damp pervading the whole place , but when you opened the windows wee flies would get in. We were supplied with sugars of all types and one tea bag and no coffee. There were a lot of things wrong but I don't intend listing them and moaning any more here, everywhere just looked so dull and dreary and this was not a cheap bed for the night by any means - they charged £50 a night for your bed and accomodation, it reminded me of the set of Fawlty Towers....

It was such a shame as the visit, apart from the hotel went off really well and we had a few laughs and enjoyed ourselves so it was unfortunate that we cut the visit short. The wedding reception was held in a place called Kelham Hall, in Kelham near Newark and it is an amazing place, it has been used as the County Buildings and it has an incredible inside to it - the architecture of the building itself is really outstanding.

It's lovely to go and visit other places but I must say that I am soooo glad to get home.

Cheers, Kate xxx.