Visit to Newark and Porcelain...

Hi Folks,

Well, I'm in the middle of getting organized for a visit to Newark (Nottingham, England not the New Jersey one). I mistakenly thought it wouldn't take much organizing hehe... no chance! We are leaving first thing on Friday morning and are booked into a Travel Lodge Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, so it'll be more like a mini-break combined with a family visit.

My husband's nephew went to Canada on holiday with his girlfriend and they got married and there is a family wedding reception being held on Saturday night for them. My husband the other day was moaning about one of the holiday cases still lying in the spare bedroom from our last jaunt down to Blackpool and was intending to shift it back to the loft. No chance, why is it that men particularly can't think ahead, when I said " No, we need it for the Newark visit " he nearly had apoplexy! You see my hubbie like most men, think if you are going away for a few days you only need a change of clothes (ie shirt /vest /pants and socks). So ! we had to go through the days and explain that-

1) We are travelling to Newark - just over 300 miles. so we will be meeting up with family and will go out on Friday night , so we will need a change of clothes.

2) Saturday morning - clean clothes ! Saturday night, ' Dressed up clean clothes. '

3) Sunday morning - more clean clothes and probably will be visiting relatives at night and perhaps going out to a club later - so more clean clothes for that.

4) Monday morning clean clothes - which will do OK for the afternoon for traipsing round saying cheerio to everybody.... We will be lucky to actually leave Newark before 3PM

So Girls, you understand how it is, don't you ? The case stayed where it was in the spare-room. In the meantime I've been having a decco at what clothes and other things we need to take and let's just say I hope there will be room in the case for everything - hehehe.

Now recently one of the Bloggers - Judy, who has a great collection of clocks had posted them to her site and I mentioned that I collected porcellain (sp? Oh what the hang). So I am posting a couple of pictures showing my Piano Babies, a few of which are Heubach (German) ones, I started by getting given one years ago and it has gone on from there, the collection was starting to creep out of the cabinet so I have been trying to draw in my horns as it were and not get any more. The thing is it is very difficult when you have a kind of collecting personality, I also collect china dogs and glass ornaments - signed ones and I have a few good ones but I find it really hard to stop getting 'the babies'.. soppy mare, that's me you see.... Do you collect things ?

Well, I had better stop now because, my wee grandson will be here shortly and chaos will reign so until after our sojourn down to England I will say Cheers for now.

Love and stuff, Kate xxx.

P.S. 'The Kilties' are just for fun - I know you'all wonder wot's under ! Byeee..