Spring - Summer.

Hi Folks,

Well, we appear to have skipped Spring weather believe it or not and gone directly to Summer - yeah I know, it's unbelieveable ! We have had a really good Springtime and the weather seems to be continuing to be dry, bright and sunny... this situation is virtually unheard of in the land of the haggis and tartan.

Talking of seasons reminds me - I know of a couple of wee ditties in regard to the seasons and I would love to know where they have come from, I have tried all the usual places on the internet and asked several people if they have any clues - but unfortunately been unsuccessful so far. Hence the reason why I am posting the words of these little poems - I had the impression that there were four of them, ie. one for each season but for the life of me I cannot remember the other two. Should anyone know the background of any of them, or indeed if they are aware of these two that I have posted I would be very much obliged to hear from you.

SPRING Spring has sprung, the grass is riz - I wonder where the birdies is
The birdies, they is on the wing - Oh how absurd, the wind is on the bird...

WINTER The Winter's come, the snaw has fell - Wee Josie's nose has froze as well
Wee Josie's frozen nose is skint'it - Winter's diabolic ! In't it ?

I have a feeling that they stem from long ago in a bygone age - which is the same as myself but nevertheless, my curiosity - like that of the Cat is killing me and therefore satisfaction will bring it back....

Apart from the foregoing blethers nothing else of any great note is happening . Let's hope this beautiful weather continues so that for once I will have a tanned skin - hehe some hopes, I can't even get one of these 'glows' that you are supposed to get when you use these lotions, potions , tanning pads and wee towelettes . No matter how careful I am in applying these things, in fact even when I am 'exceedingly careful ' in the applications I end up with' streaky bacon and corned beef' legs and arms. My two daughters-in-law are only too happy to receive these lotions.... They use them with ease, what gets me is every blessed time I see a new one being advertised I fall for the advertisers bumff and go buy it hoping once again that I will end up with a gorgeous tanned complexion. After following the directions faithfully and to the letter, I once more get the streaky bacon look, never mind though - I will just have to show a pale and interesting appearance to the world.

I try to keep telling myself that in times gone by, ladies who went about with tanned and weather-beaten skin were kind of looked down apon, it was the pale ladies whom folk aspired to, does this gem of knowledge help ? not a jot or a scoobie ! I still am desperate to look tanned -perhaps it's because a tan sort of makes you look healthier and dare I say it slimmer - Now that's the main reason for having a tanned face and body ..........

Talking about looking slimmer, I have started 'another' diet and last weekend picked up one of these walking machines - only the walking machine that I got was one of these swinging ones - when you are using it you swing your legs rather like you are skiing , at the same time you are gripping the arm handle things and swinging them too - it's great fun ! and what's more when it is in use it is quieter than the treadmill I had and had passed on to my daughter-in-law Debbie. Thank God say my downstairs neighbours.

I had occasion the other day to pay a visit to my Doctor and was asking her about using these machines and she congratulated me on choosing the correct type - apparently it is not as jarring to my spine and is what they call low-impact.... So there ya go - I love a bargain too and admit it only cost £20 and looked like new... I presumed from the person selling that it had been a Xmas present and it looked as though it had only been used infrequently. I have spent a half an hour on it every night while watching TV - so according to my calculation going to a gym and using the same type of walker (Healthy Walker) would have cost me approximately £30 per week. So it has paid for itself already.....

Cheers for now, Love Kate xxx.