Radio Programmes who tempt you to talk.

My 2 Angels , but they weren't always !
Hi Folks,

I was lying in bed a wee while ago with my husband having a read at my latest tome and listening to the radio - it was one of these radio programmes which had a subject which was concerned about how young people were treated by adults. How the 'young people' were being demonized by press, TV and the News systems and how the poor wee souls were being hauled up and given things like ASBO's and generally getting a bad press.

Having lain and listened to this rubbish I had got worked up and was ready to do the needful and tell the youngish, childless gentleman in charge of the programme what way was up ! Now the only problem was I couldn't imagine yakking on the radio - but I do have a hubbie who 'quite often' - if it's a subject that he feels strongly about, phones in and talks quite openly in that medium. So, Rob, who was lying listening too, decided that 'his dander' (temper) was raised and that he would phone in.... got the picture, so far ?

He started to explain his views to the woman on the other end of the phone (the one taking the messages and deciding who was to get through to the programme) and due to the fact that he was complicating matters rather than actually making his point, I butted in (well ! I'm a woman, I can't help it). I went on to state that it wasn't surprising that the young people had a bad press and that if 'he' (the radio man) lived in a 'wild and riotous' area he would be mad too !

I mean there are some weird and wonderful areas in this country where policemen do not enter and as well as the wildmen and girls who run riot in these places there are normal well-behaved children and adults who are trying to live in harmony.

The thing that annoys me is that 'some' children these days (get me, I sound like an ancient old biddy - but you know what I mean) have little respect , a minority of them are left to grow up wild with no discipline - and there is no discipline is the schools. If anyone attempts to correct or say anything to them - what d'ya think happens - yeah ! they get an earful of cheek and swearing .

So what, is the answer ? As far as I can see Dr Spock, way back when, started a big stooshie by advising that children should be spoken with and have everything explained ! (ah the little angels). They should not be punished! you should just explain to them that they shouldn't do this, that or the other.... and of course at school teachers are not alowed to touch the children not even allowed to put sun-cream on them when they are small - is it me ? or have things gone too far ? God help us when this set of children grow up. I just hope that the kids who have been 'brought up' and not left to 'grow wild' are the ones in charge, if you know what I mean.

The whole point of this blog is that surely I can't be the only one who feel that if there is no discipline, then there is no respect and therefore we will have to put up with the 'wild ones' and most children will be demonized because 'bad news travels fastest'.... Surely to God people will one of these days realize that if you treat your children as friends they will treat (or mistreat) you as a friend - 'you' are your children's parents and if they can't be taught (and occasionally chastised if needs be) by you - then how are they going to realize what is the correct way to behave?? It is only very occasionally that a child is an angel and does not need some kind of advice or even chastisement in his childhood. Most folk have discipline problems with kids but to ignore it or expect it to get better by 'explaining' to children the correct way to behave has very little chance of success on a determined teenager who has been allowed to 'have an opinion on how he or she has been brought up '. There must be a final decision in any disagreement and it must be made by the adult , not the child.
Well, by jingo ! that is some mouthful above, no doubt that some will disagree with the points made but what is shown above is only my opinion - OK ?

End of Lecture hehehe.... Love Kate xxx.