'Kate's Poem' and Kid's Picnics.

Hi again Folks,

I am starting with a poem which was written by an old lady while she stayed in an Old Folks Nursing Home years ago, somewhere in Dundee, Scotland. My Mum had a copy of it framed and hung up in her bedroom when we were small and I loved it - I always was under the impression that one of her Mother's relatives had written it, but I am not so sure now. One of her aunts wrote poetry you see and I just assumed this was one of her poems.

It was only when I got connected to the internet that one day I keyed in the first line of the poem and there was information about the old lady having been in a nursing home, and showing her poem. She had been unable to speak apparently and after she had died, it was found in her locker. All the staff were given a copy of the poem as it seemed to speak to the nurses and explain how when they look at an old person that's all they might see... they sometimes don't see the fact that the old person was once young with all their lives ahead of them at one time. I know too that the poem was required reading for student nurses as it explains a lot to them.

This is kind of true for most young people - I know myself that when my young daughter-in-law was looking at a photograph of me taken when I was 18 or so, she kept saying - Gosh! you look sooo young.... It's kind of difficult to explain that some day she will be in the same position and be explaining that very thing to a much younger person - I mean all they can see is someone an awful lot older and they can't imagine an older person enjoying life the same way as they do!

I have scanned and copied the poem so that you can read it, I still can't read it without getting a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye . There again, I'm a soppy mare and can bubble when there is a sad film or programme on, or if I'm reading a good book during a sad bit in it.

While my husband and I were en-route to the market this morning I spied three children walking 'ant fashion' one behind the other, each with a plastic bag which looked suspiciously like a pack of sandwiches and a bottle of juice in each one . I must admit that it brought back memories of when my two younger sisters, young brother and myself went on adventures when we were kids. We only walked about a mile and a half to a park down the road from our house, it had a small stream of water there and I must admit to having enjoyed the wee breaks like that, it was like a great adventure. Anyway the children were swinging the bags and marching along, no doubt their Mum was a bit relieved to have some peace for a while, while they enjoyed some time having a bit of an adventure of their own.

Cheers for now, Love Kate xxx.