Memories of tailed animals and a field visit..

Hi Folks,

Well it being Fathers Day yesterday I was feeling a bit low and had been thinking about my Dad and animals (dogs especially) and my memory was being churned up good and proper along with some sad tears. I 'm not usually so melancholy - I guess it has something to do with the fact that Moira's death was so recent and I'm not over that yet.

Anyway, I was checking out some blogs and came across a couple which sorta hit home hence the photo above of me with all my tail wagging friends - all of them have gone ahead to Rainbow Ridge and will no doubt be enjoying themselves now, so I couln't resist showing a picture of some of these cuddly creatures.

Next, my ancient mind wandered to our old playground 'the field' which adjoined the drying green at the rear of our house... I thought I would pay a wee visit and have a look at what it looked like now. I didn't half get a shock when I saw how all the wee trees had grown, they were all just baby trees put in with a round fence around each of them so that the wild kids of the neighbourhood couldn't get near enough to them to do any damage... Honest Occifer, I wouldn't have done any damage - I was brought up properly - Gosh ! If I had done anything to cause any damage my parents would have skelped me bum!! (ass) good and hard.

I sat on one of the long seats in the pathway which went round the field and thought back to when we had adventures in that place and had run around there using all our energy and imagination and realized that - all of a sudden that I was old.... where had the time gone? I met a crowd of kids just sitting and talking - there were about 10 of them and they were just yakking away ! When I passed each of them said Hi ! so I also said Hi ! I then made my way along a bit, I could hear them talking their voices being carried and echoed due to the lie of the land - I could hear them saying - Gosh she's taking photographs, blimey, she is going to photograph Hampden Stadium - I wonder why? They take all this glorious scenery around where they stay for granted, they also take for granted the fact that the Scottish National Football Stadium is very close and that they think it is unusual for anyone to be interested in photographing such a thing.

I felt like saying to them that they were really lucky to live in such lovely surroundings , but of course I would have come across as being a ' know-it-all ' and sort of trying to lecture them or something. So I just carried on walking and enjoying the afternoon.

By the way, the 'field' spoken about is the one which I remembered in a previous blog posted on January 27th called "Childhood Memories" should anyone be interested... hence the reference to ' the miceless house ' ...

Cheers to All Kate xxx.