redon - Eye in a Balloon


From The Book of Disquiet:

To write is to forget. Literature is the pleasantest way of ignoring life. Music lulls us, the visual arts enliven us, the performing arts (such as dance and drama) entertain us. The first, therefore, removes itself from life in order to make of it a dream; the others, however, do not, some because they use visual, and, therefore, vital formulae and others because they live from human life itself.

This is not the case with literature. Literature stimulates life. A novel is a history of what never was and a play is a novel without narrative. A poem is the expression of ideas or feelings in a language no one uses since no one speaks in verse.


But I look up at the blue sky, bare my face to the unconsciously cool breeze, then lower my eyelids having seen the sky, and forget my own cheek once I have felt the breeze. I don't feel better, I feel different. Seeing myself frees myself from myself. I almost smile, not because I understand myself, but because, having become other, I'm no longer able to understand myself. High up in the sky, like a visible void, hangs one tiny cloud, a pale forgotten fragment of the whole universe.