Fathers Day...

Hi Folks,

Mum and Dad just after they got married - then Mum and Dad, taken with Graeme, their first grandchild - my son, who recently got married.

Someone mentioned the other day about the fact that Fathers Day was coming up and of course me being an ancient biddy and having lost my Dad some years ago I couldn't help but think back to memories long gone in connection with my Dad .

My Dad was quite a character, he was what folk call a manual worker, he was a plumber and a good one from all I've heard. He was a man who in his youth was full of the joys of life, couldn't sing for toffee, but all of a sudden would sing out "Oh Rosemarie, I love you" he wasn't too sure of the most of the rest of the old song but he would always sort of make an attempt and proceed to therefore murder the song along with his other favourite - which was "Alice Blue Gown." AWWW. that is such a sweet and soppy song that most of the people at the parties, where it was his party-piece were nearly in tears. Thankfully not because he couldn't hold the tune but because of the words....

When we, his kids were growing up it wasn't the done thing to show feelings and if any of the five of us were ever to say " Dad or Mum I Love You" they would have had heart failure (kidding).. He would always stand back and it was Mum, who, when we phoned to have a chat after we married and were out of the house was the one who everyone 'chatted ' to and my poor wee Dad was kind of left by the wayside. I'm sad to say I had forgotten to add the next bit about my Dad until my sister reminded me of it today. Every morning in life my Dad would make tea and take a cuppa into Mum in bed and in the Winter, all of us kids would get out of bed and be told to sit down in front of the fire which he had set and lit so that we could drink our tea and eat our porridge . All this before he went off out to work, my cheeks burn with sheer embarrassment at all the times when I could have let him know how much he meant to me..... and didn't.

He was a man who because he had a family of five kids worked most of his days, he was well thought of and I think he was one of the very few who cleaned up after himself when he had done a plumbing job. Even when he retired he took a job at a hotel as a Porter... It didn't seem that long after that he started saying things not quite right and forgetting things ... Senile Dementia is a hellova thing and in due time he became just a shell of his former self. There was nothing left in the end of the man who was a fantastic dancer, who laughed a lot, could argue black was white (Ahh the teenage years).. At the end of his life, the last few weeks as it turned out , he was reluctantly put into care - and within a short period of time he caught pneumonia and died in September, 1993.

Only very recently my younger son was out at a local restaurant with his wife and they met another couple, through the guy in the other couple talking, it came out that he had been working at one time as my Dad's apprentice and he was sooo glad to tell David about how much Dad was thought of and what a likeable and helpful man he was. Just shows you what a small world we live in.

Unfortunately, Mum didn't manage to cope after that and 15 months later she died too after a major stroke . Isn't it always the way, the two of them were great dancers and if there is 'any kind of justice' in this or the next world I would hope that they are dancing yet , if not in life then in their dreams.

I would just like to say that they are both still missed and thought about a lot.

Love to All (Especially Dad) Kate xxx. (Lyn)