Wedding Bells...

Hi there...

Well the Wedding Day went off really well and after all his nerves D 's speech was well received and he managed to control himself and made a great job of it. He even included some funny comments and had all the guests in fits of laughter.

The whole day was well organized and the meal at the hotel was beautifully cooked and laid out, so all in all a great day was had by all. The only 'fly in the ointment' as it were was the fact that the photographer went mad taking hundreds and hundreds of photographs - well it seemed as though she did ! The wedding started at the church at 2 pm and the taking of photos after the service started after that was finished at 2.30pm from that time until nearly 4pm the photographer was in charge - ARGGHH...... Why though does it take so long to capture the event in pictures ? We went to a large well known site which has beautiful grounds and well tended gardens for the pictures to be taken (about 15 minutes from the church).

There is no doubt that the pictures will be gorgeous and I am so looking forward with bated breath to see how they turned out... I took my digital camera with me but the only picture that I took was one of the Bride and her new step-daughter at the reception , however I wouldn't want to embarrass her by posting it on here, so instead I am posting an 'old' photo of the bridegroom and his best man taken outside our old house.

It was a wonderful day and my son and his new wife did a great job in the organisation of the festivities, they are now off to a great start and are honeymooning in one of the exotic islands which has gorgeous white sands and aqua warm water, ideal for swimming and scuba diving in.

I hope that their future lives together along with the children will be as happy as they can be.

Cheers to All, Kate xxx.