Time passes on and on....

Oh My Goodness, well it's nearly here folks, my first baby is getting married on Saturday ! and I have been having a decco at our lives in pictures recently, this was due to the fact that my younger son (D) was up here the other night trying to gather old photographs to use during his Best Man speech for his elder brother's wedding . He (D) is not a natural at being centre stage and is suffering from nerves badly at the moment.
Last May my younger son got married and my elder son (G) was Best Man, now (G) is a natural at being centre stage and is full of self confidence the thing is because he made such a great job of it (D) is struggling to succeed too.
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(D) being my youngest baby and nearest to me in temperament causes me to worry more about how things will go for him - I have myself gone through a stage in life where I had to overcome nerves at speaking in public and so therefore I know how difficult it is being somebody who dislikes being the centre of attention . To actually stand in front of a lot of people and speak out clearly and naturally is exceptionally difficult and my heart goes out to him and my hopes that he can make as good a job of it as he is hoping he will.
It is a constant source of wonderment to me, that two hopeful young people married in 1969 , one of whom had been told that she would not be able to have a family, brought up two sons, who will both be married (by the end of this week) already have four children between them.. and we have four adored Grandchildren.
Life, although a struggle at times is wonderful and I also hope that life is being good to all of you and that you also have plenty to be grateful for.

Love to All, Kate xxx.