My Friend Moira,

[ Moira and I at my 50th, her's was 2 wks later and lasted nearly a week. Mo is on the right.]
Hello Everyone,
Well Shambles Manor is very quiet and calm today, yesterday's events have kind of put a downer on our lives, especially mine, the funeral of a very good friend of mine was held yesterday and although you know the ceremony is coming it is as though you are in a kind of in limbo waiting for the axe to fall . My friend (my Pal) died last week, she had been 'my friend' for a long time - over twenty odd years - I had known her longer than I had known my present husband - she was actually there when I met him.
There isn't a way I can adequately describe Moira really, apart from saying that there was and only could be one of her. She was the type of person who would cause chaos anywhere she went, she had a lot of friends and would gather them as easily as picking daisies for a daisy chain. She was great fun, would help anyone, could talk to anyone and yak the hindlegs off a donkey, she would stand by you if you were in trouble yet couldn't stand up for herself. When our family went through all the worry of my sister having Lymphoma she was there doing what she could and one of the many times I leaned on her happened when she helped support me while taking D to hospital in the early hours of one cold night. I couldn't find a blanket to keep D warm in the car so naturally Moira dived back to her house to collect a blanket to wrap her in to keep her warm while we went to the Hospital - We waited in trepidation while the staff worked on my sister in the ward, all the time Moira was trying to cheer me up a bit joking about the journey etc. waiting with me in the Waiting area till we heard that we could go home and that D was OK and settled.

On so many occasions Moira helped me by just being there listening to me moan , there were times when she was being used by people and I could have given her a shake when I could see that folk were taking advantage - she would just poo-poo it and I knew that I was wasting my time, that she would just do what she thought was right anyway...

There is a lot more I could say about her but apart from saying that it's always the ones who don't deserve it who leave us soonest I must just leave it at that. I know that all her family who did so much for her during her illness will miss her dreadfully and also that anyone who knew her were blessed to have met her.
Cheers and Much Love to you Moira, you brightened my life among many and will be Sadly missed. Kate xxx. (Lyn).