Heaven on Earth

I spent part of yesterday with my husband at a caravan park which is set partly in parkland and partly at a seashore - It is just outside a small village about 40 miles away from Glasgow I had a marvellous time. Have you ever just sat watching and listening to the water lapping the shore. This wasn't a sandy shore you see, you don't get sandy shores in that part of Scotland they are all stoney and shell-filled - which to my mind are actually preferable - I hate the sand, don't get me wrong - it's great for kiddies who love building sand castles and so on, but once you get older I think that for most people it annoys the hell out of us. Anyhow, enough of my moaning !

It was a kind of visit to the past , in the past I had spent about 12 years travelling from Glasgow to the site every weekend I could, also every school holiday as well - We all absolutely loved the place . My younger son had a whale of a time just playing and pottering about on the site, which was very safe for kiddies. My elder son spent most of the time he could sailing with friends and fishing, which for a wild boisterous child was amazing to watch , it made an incredible change to see him become almost human.... only kidding ! It really was something else though, once we were down there at the site -days could pass by without the usual shouting, swearing and pettyness that came with normal life (and that was only me). The site seemed to weave it's magic everytime we got there.

So yesterday was a wonderful visit , even although all I did was sit watching and listening to the noise of the water lapping on the stones and shells and although people were working at their boats at the boathouse only about 20 feet away the noise of their voices seemed to be coming from a long way off. I sat in my fold up chair watching the sea while pretending to read my book and afterwards taking some photographs and I even had a go at sketching a few views from different angles. It was heaven on earth for me ..... and I intend to go back soon to renew my batteries and remember fondly times past...

Love 'n stuff to all - Kate xxx.