Tonight marked the conclusion of my semester of teaching, and even though I have Vancouver and a return to classes and study to look forward to, this conclusion was a difficult one. I've spoken before and at length about what I find so rewarding about St. John's, so I won't repeat myself here -- suffice to say that I really do believe that this is learning at its finest. Not at its most glamorous or most impressive, and maybe not at its most succesful, by today's standards of success, but I think it's learning at its finest.

The next three months, three limbo months before I move and begin anew, these months will be difficult. It will be hard to work in my grey office, to wake up early for my second job -- it will be hard to wait. But I think the real difficulty will lie after the transition. The real difficulty will lie in maintaining my wonder, in remembering the strength of conviction I have now, here, for this great project of continuing to ensure that there is space in the world for traditional, sincere learning.