Back at the old Corral...

[ Moira as usual - at my right shoulder.]

Hi Folks,

Well I'm back, a bit more rested and kind of back to myself again, but not quite, Rob and I had 8 days away in sunny Blackpool and although I still miss Moira badly and probably always will, I feel as though it's not 'quite ' as raw as it was and I can now listen to some soppy songs without completely falling to pieces , I don't automatically jump to turn off the music and my brain tells me that it was better for Moira to get peace from any pain etc. The most weird thing is that I feel as though I am constantly seeing her everywhere - other folk have told me that this is normal, but as it has been some time since anyone I knew very well has died it wasn't something I was consciously aware of as being a normal occurrence.

One really weird thing happened however the first day after we arrived in Blackpool though, I was wandering about the town and was crossing one of the main roads (Abingdon Road ) and was heading for the Market to have a decco at the goodies on sale and a gypsy woman came towards me and put two wee charms into my hand - that was normal so far I suppose ! It was what she said that kind of floored me to a certain extent..... when she held my hand she told me that she knew that I had lost a very old friend recently and tried to console me by saying that I was not to worry - that she was OK now. At this point of course I was doing my usual and filling up with tears, so she decided to change the subject and told me that I would move house (again) and that I would not end up in a wheelchair (I use a stick to walk you see) and would live till I was 92 - so there ya go folks, I'm gonna have plenty of time to do more damage to this planet .

This post is a short one as I'm just using my sister-in-law's PC while I got the chance - you see she has one of these all singing, all dancing ones - does everything but make yer dinner, a bit different from mine, although my PC is fine, don't get me wrong. It was last year's Christmas present and I daren't let DO hear me say anything bad about it.... especially since the last one used to take 20 minutes to heat up and show a picture and it also used to freeze about 20 times a day. So I must admit I thank my lucky stars for my latest one. Any untoward comments about it and he would go bananas !

So Cheers for now, Love 'n stuff - Kate xxx.

The memory of my 'messenger from way back when' popped into my addled mind while my gypsy woman was speaking - I maybe should have asked her whether I had a sign on my wrinkled forehead that caused her to read my mind about Moira and foretell my future erm... now there's a thing.... I wonder what she would have said if I had told her about my previous 'Messenger' then eh ?