Stuff and Nonsense

It finally feels like spring!

My thoughts of late certainly don't match the light, breezy weather outside, but I'm going to try and push them aside, at least away from this space at this moment.

I was in NY this past weekend, with David. We spent Saturday in Williamsburg doing weekend things -- We saw Julianne Swaney's artwork at AG gallery, visited an over-crowded sample sale and many quirky shops. I purchased a blooming new spring coat and a pair of oxfords which are entirely too cool for me.

On Sunday we had brunch with my friend Attila and then meandered about the Strand where I discovered a novel written by Stringfellow Barr [which I did not buy], and quite a few items of fiction [which I did buy]. I finally acquired my own copy of Pessoa's Book of Disquiet, found The Goldbug Variations for the first time, and also picked up a copy of The Air We Breathe by Andrea Barrett and Joan Didion's Year of Magical Thinking.

On the bus ride home I finished Barrett's Voyage of the Narwhal -- which I found mesmerizing and very sad. I had trouble with the second half of it though -- the parts all felt a bit slapdash though I was too hooked on the story to care much.