Spring has arrived !

Hello Folks,

Do you know how 'I' know that Spring has arrived? Well, lying on top of my comfortable and cosy bed last night - watching TV and quaffing 'another' mug of lovely hot tea I was kinda wakened out of my stupor by a buzzing and an annoying draught which I 'felt' on my legs. I turned away from the screen in time to see a 'flippen great HUGE wasp' pass by me........ After I panicked and jumped up from me bed I let out a scream ! my Demented Other who had just arrived home from a late meeting shouted - what the " f8*0((8**6^ Hell is it " ?

-Example of a second "Auld Alliance"...

I should explain by saying that I am 'absolutely terrified out of my aged mind' by wasps and will probably one day end my present incarnation by running out onto a very busy road and there be squashed to a pulp by cars - this! to my flippen 'daft' mind takes second place to being stung by one of these creatures - are you with me ? D.O. thought we had burglars by the panic and noise that was emanating from my screaming orifice.....

Soooo, D.O. took charge, step 1 was to get me quietened, and out of the road while he (wonderful, brave demented one - and naked as the day he was born) entered the room where the 'OGRE' was to be found ! After a lot of fumbling, waving of towels and spraying of waspkiller foam 'HE' emerged triumphant - to let me know that the culprit had been found and 'exterminated' ... Wayhayy .. my Hero !

Let me just say at this point he really is a Hero and Wonderman because, he is just slightly less terrified than I am of these creatures - hehehe...

I don't know why but every ruddy year since we have moved to this house we have, (along with lots of our neighbours) had a wasps nest in out attic and every year we have to call out the council's brave men who turn up and spray the offending culprits home, squashing it to bits and every year we have to go through the same performance .... Why they (the wasps) like our houses God alone knows.

So there ya go - it's a first to have the experience of seeing the 'Queen' before the ruddy wasp season starts, but now I know that 'Spring' is here - without a doubt..

Bye for now, Kate xxx.

P.S. can anyone tell me why the year we went to Frejus, Provence (South of France) when my brother was getting married to a girl from there we (a family party of twelve of the Scottish relatives) spent a week or so exploring the countryside and having picnics in woods etc. We never saw 'one' of these offending creatures ! while we had our picnics. My Brother related an experience which forever earned my respect for his Mother in law by the way she just coolly calmly and slowly swept her arm around a very stray wasp kind of shooing it away ... He explained it by likening it to Chinese people practicing Tai Chi in their parks ! Can it be that the panic that one of these wasps engenders in me causes them to 'want' to be near me ? Perhaps there is a huge sign on my forehead which says "all wasps welcome here".

Byee x.