From today:

resting, settling, collecting -- more time spent lying in tall grass -- letting my mind course naturally

Dostoevsky & Lobachevsky - 'everything is permitted'

what I wish I could share:

the scratching of small birds in a hedge
twine stretched taut between my fingers
the savor of words sewn and known
the wick of sweet grass snipped by my teeth
the burnt tips of dogwood blossoms
the stinging smell of manure -- I can taste life and death on my tongue
bumblebees drunkenly buzz by
strange jonquils -- the trumpets stuffed full of petals -- like mouths with a multitude of tongues
a frightened hare on the stone courtyard
the redbud tree with floral pompoms popping off the grey-black twisting trunk
greeting the new flowers every day -- today a delicate trio of narcissi -- perhaps tomorrow will open the tulips to the air