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Just a short note on The Book of Other People, edited by Zadie Smith, which I finished last night:

My favorites were back to back: 'Theo' by Dave Eggers and 'Perkus Tooth' by Jonathan Lethem, the first because it was about mountains who were giants who could and would love -- the second because it reminded me of the man who lived below me in my brownstone in NY. He was my landlord's nephew and basically the super of the building and on the few occasions I would peek in I would catch a glimpse of the world of the Manhattan neurotic. Towering stacks of magazines and newspapers (New Yorker and the Times) seemed to support the elaborately detailed ceiling and sometimes a fog of pot would creep out and even up the stairs to curl under my door. He always extended conversations for far too long and knew too much about real estate and tax rates. He wasn't like Perkus (or if he I never bothered to find out).

I like reading about other people -- it's part of the allure of the blogging world -- I like to imagine how different things could be, or to try and see how similar they are.