News Series 2

[Julie Morstad via Atelier]

Well, the waiting is finally over. I've been accepted to a terminal MA program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. They want me to do an additional year of philosophy coursework so it looks as though I'll be there for the next three years. I still plan on going for my PhD after this, but whether I choose to stay on at SFU or travel elsewhere is entirely undecided at this point.

I'm really excited -- to be taking classes again, to move to the Vancouver area, to actually get started on this long process of degree-accumulating. If all goes well, I should 'finish' school with one BA, two or three MAs and one PhD -- hopefully by the age of 32. It sounds ridiculous, and really, it is ridiculous ... but I'm going to focus on being excited for this change!

If anyone has any advice or knowledge to impart about the international student process or about living or studying in Vancouver I would be very happy to hear it.