I have to soon return all of the books I've borrowed from the library this semester, so in view of recording and eventually returning to these ideas, I'm going to be just pasting some passages from a variety of texts over the next few weeks.

Some passages from Eupalinos:

I know well that the extremes of love, and excess of wine, or again the astounding effect of those vapors that the Pythia breathes in, take us, as the saying goes, out of ourselves; and I know even better, by my very certain experience, that our souls can, in the very heart of time, make for themselves sanctuaries impenetrable to duration, eternal in their inner selves, but transient with regard to nature; where they at last are what they know; where they desire what they are, and render back to it light for light, and silence for silence, giving themselves and receiving themselves again without borrowing aught from the stuff the world is made of, nor from the Hours. They are then like those sparkling calms, circumscribed by tempests, which shift from place to place on the seas. What are we during these abysses? They imply the life they suspend...

But these marvels, these spells of contemplation, these ecstasies do not illuminate for me our strange problem of beauty. I am unable to connect these supreme states of the soul with the presence of a body or of some object which brings them into being.

He also revisits the man & a seashell idea:

Well then, Phaedrus, this is how it was. I was walking on the very edge of the sea. I was following an endless shore ... This is not a dream I am telling you. I was going I know not whither, overflowing with life, half-intoxicated by my youth. The air, deliciously rude and pure, pressing against against my face and limbs, confronted me -- an impalpable hero that I must vanquish in order to advance. And this resistance, ever overcome, made of me, too, at every step an imaginary hero, victorious over the wind, and rich in energies that were ever reborn, ever equal to the power of the indivisible adversary ...

[and there's more]