Compensation Culture..

Hi Folks,

I came on to the Blog this morning to rant and rave so you have been warned - Is there anyone else in this country who thinks the compensation culture has gone way too far ! Why is it that people think they have a God-given right to compensation when someone has -

1) Spoiled their day by having had a different opinion than them.
2) Spoken to them harshly and hurt their feelings.
3) Fallen and hurt their pride and their behind, causing folk to laugh at them.

Excuse my sarcasm but the foregoing three examples are sure as whatsit gonna be causes for compensation shortly. I have been lying in bed enjoying my early morning cuppa and listening to the radio . Along with other examples of folk moaning about how 'life' is treating them unfairly there was this woman on telling us about how her two daughters keep getting infected by nits .... yeah ! and the thing she has come up with to solve it ? she wants the 'return of the nit nurse in schools' because of this. It's a wonder she is not wanting to claim compensation for the discomfort her daughters are suffering, or the cost of the disinfection stuff. She did mention however the fact that one of her daughters has lost a patch of hair. ( I say again, pardon the sarcasm).

What on earth does she think a nit nurse can do about it though Lord only knows. The Nurse can only tell her that her wee ones have nits ! she cannot take all the kids in the school and personally disinfect them, only the parents can do that ! The problem she is apparently having with the school is that they are not 'doing' anything - you see some parents are not disinfecting their kids heads and the nits are still doing the rounds and her poor wee souls are suffering the consequences and there's the 'rub' . Now let me say here that I fully accept that 'nits' are not a very 'with it' complaint and it is really annoying that this lady is doing her best to get rid ( I have had two sons at school and I know how hard it is) but surely there is a better way to do it than to have to employ a 'Nit Nurse' Apart from anything else - who is going to pay for her or him?

It is an unfortunate situation to be in but I'm sure there must be a better way of dealing with it, unfortunately I just can't think of it at the moment..... Blimey, after that little lot you will probably be doing what I am doing - SCRATCHING !

Cheers for now, Kate xxx.

P.S. My thanks to one of my favourite sites for the use of the Cartoon, couldn't resist it..