Teenage Memories..

Hi Folks

I have just read Grumpyoldwoman's post about the days of "Youth Fellowship" and "Youth Club" and Oh my what memories that post carried back to me... Grumps, you are dead right in what you said about teenagers being interested in totally different things. It was a much more innocent age and I do feel sorry for the kids nowadays. I know! I sound like an ancient moron there again I am - ancient that is... I used to go to one of these very clubs in Glasgow and met my first hubbie there, my first impression of him was - what a 'twat' and in these days that meant 'twit' . He was trying to look sooo cool in his winklepickers and skin tight trousers hehe.. and was cursing (in the Church - oooer) - He said 'bugger it' - I thought 'well he's very rude I don't want anything to do with 'him' looking down me very 'uptight and proper' nose at him. I did change my mind when he asked me to dance at the interval though, it turned out that he was the drummer for the group that was playing that night at the Youth Club. That was the start of a 23 year love affair .... and two children, till he met his next true love ! Heigh Ho, that's life. Blimey these days the kids see someone they like, the following week they are living together, a couple of months later they are expecting an addition to their little group and when that wee person is keeping them up at night for a couple of months they decide to split up and start again with someone else and the circle starts again. What a waste ! How sad...... I wonder what the world will be like when 'that' wee person grows up ?? Grumps, I have a feeling that the majority of the teenagers today (not all though), are going to miss out in growing up after just being a child, they should be enjoying childhood for as long as is possible before they meet the joys and the worries of adulthood. Let's hope that the children who are the future win a Life worthy of them and that they enjoy it with 'all' it's wonders .
The funny thing is I can remember my Mum telling me that she had a wonderful time growing up and she had done many things and had lots to do going out enjoying herself with her friends and she used to say to me 'you hardly go out and live like we did ' ...... This was during the Second World War - and I thought 'how could you' !! But she swore that life was really great and there was plenty of things to do - Just shows you....

Think I'd better close now and stop my remembrances for a while, flippen Nora you would think I lived in the past - I don't really.

Cheers Kate xxx.