Serendipity / Coincidence ?

[ Blowing out the candles on my 50th Birthday Party with Moira.]

Hello Everyone,

I was at a Shopping Centre yesterday and I was checking out what I would buy to take to my friend who is in Hospital at the moment with quite a serious complaint and is very ill. I knew that she would have a lot of flowers, sweets and cards due to the fact that Mother's Day was the day before so I was wandering idly about trying to think what I could get for her.

There was a book stall set up in the Foyer and I was lifting and laying books, deciding not to take one as she is not much of a reader, however while I was checking them out I came across one of Francis Gay's books of Friendship and lifted it just to have a decco and checkout what he had said about yesterdays date - the weird and wonderful thing was that the piece for yesterday's date told the story of the old Cherokee Grandfather discussing things with his Grandson and trying to explain the wisdom of age to him. I had come across this story a while ago and in actual fact it had made such an impression on me that I had used it as my signature on another site and I have since added it to this site as well.

My friend was chuffed with the wee gift and I would guess that serendipity was in play and I feel that I was in the right place at the right time.

Cheers for now Kate XXX.