Sealed with a Kiss..

Hello there,

I have once again seen the clip showing the culling of the harp seals on the Sky News system, it is on a loop system and is being repeated every few minutes. It shows men battering the seals across the head using ruddy great clubs. These men ( ahem ) well I suppose I should call them that , my parents brought me up with good manners and to speak about people nicely giving them their place, I will call them that though it vexes me so much to call them men .

It is a totally abhorrent job and it makes me sick to hear the men complaining about how dangerous and difficult their jobs are.... what the hay are they talking about ? the fact that they might slip and fall on the ice? or maybe they are thinking about the seals turning on them and sucking them to death ??

Believe me, I am not a vegan or even a veggie but good God in heaven, surely if they have to do the job of culling the seals why can't they do it humanely, there are so many of the poor beasts who have actually still been alive as they were dragged on to the boats. This means that they suffer pain, the men refuse to shoot them. This would ensure that they are dead before getting hauled onboard . This would at least mean that the seals would suffer as little pain as possible and the reason for the refusal ? the skin would show the mark of the shot ..... I know the shot I would like to see, a photograph of one of the male humans on the ice with a seal at his side posing and holding a ruddy great rifle in his flipper.

Dear God, what have we come to, between these characters and the cruel acts which hens have to suffer by being used as 'battery hens' . We should be ashamed of ourselves letting animals suffer in our name and supposedly to feed us as cheaply as possible.

Love to All Kate xxx.