Palimpsests and Penrose tiles

[from left to right: Janine Wong ; Green Chair Press ; Janine Wong ]

I read Linda Nochlin's essay "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists" today, and I spent much of my downtime at work collecting images and inspiration for some new projects I've been thinking up.

[port2port ; Holly Ormrod ]

As my title indicates, palimpsests were everywhere today, as were Penrose tiles -- appearing in all sorts of interesting places, from the embroidery of
Takashi Iwasaki [via Montmartre] to the collages of Janine Wong [via a new fave Green Chair Press]. Also via Green Chair, I found the works of Brian Dettmar and Linda Rappaport. The collaborations and creations at port2port are also exerting a huge influence, and I keep finding mathematical intricacies to the art that Mav and her creative partners are producing.

[groundwork ; Takashi Iwasaki ]

I'm developing a real interest in the worlds of typography, book art, letterpress publishing and printing and illustration, which really isn't surprising, just a bit rushed at the moment. I feel a little flooded with ideas for projects, and have found myself wishing I had a lot more time -- time to devote to following up on reading suggestions and doing some real work on the readings I have been able to accomplish. I would love more time to work on my sewing, and to learn some of the techniques that I'm currently loving.

[ port2port; Green Chair Press ]

I have a long chlorine-filled weekend ahead of me, but I hope to get a chance to write out some of my responses to Nochlin's essay as well as finish up my thoughts on Valery's 'Aesthetics.'