deniseannsimon leaves

[Denise Simon]

I know that most of the words I've posted this week have been someone else's, but I feel like I'm in a state of saturation. Maybe it has something to do with the start of spring, but I've felt very polarized lately [is that even a legitimate descriptor?] Inundated yet dry. I keep collecting so much! --clothing, art, woodblocks, craft ideas, fictional pursuits, academic options, green things-- it's like I'm soaking it all in, absorbing the world around me -- a world which often feels like too much, too fast, too varied -- and, for the moment I'm letting everything just accumulate.

It's like the spring rains coming down fast into our streams and rivers, stirring up the sediment which has lain thick for so many months, muddying the water, obscuring the light -- but temporarily. Waters will run clean and pure again, green will emerge from layers of leaves and detritus, and growth and life will return.

I know spring is close when the mornings smell like worms and the evenings sound like frogs.