Cute Kids...

Hello again folks,

Aren't grandchildren wonderful, gorgeous, clever and cute ! I'm a doting Grandmother and see all my grandchildren as being priceless gems and due to the fact that I'm not totally responsible for them all of the time I can see them with different eyes than if I were their parent.
This is when you will need a sick bowl probably - I'm going to 'blow' about mine (one of them in particular at the moment) because he is 'such a wee gem' and cute as a barrelload of monkeys. I look after him on a Wednesday, his other Gran also has him during the week and the other few days he goes to a childminder. His photograph was taken and entered in a local newspaper competition to find the cutest Kid in the town he got First place in the under three's group. So now there is a very large canvas-type photo-picture to be hung up at his home which was the First Prize .
There are probably loads of Grans, Grannies, Grandmas, Nans and Nanas who also think their children's children are the most beautiful, kindest, nicest natured . (but I really 'know' mine are the best - hehe). Anyway, these wee characters fairly come out with some really funny insights about the world they inhabit.....
Lou is a right wee actor and poser and is usually a happy wee boy, he is one of the gentlest of creatures with an inbuilt sense of 'what is right' and actually is the identical image of his Dad in temperament as well as looks and according to the way he is growing up he will be as easy to love as his Dad was and is. He seems to be one of these children whom you would swear had 'been here before' - and who therefore exhibits wisdom way beyond his age. He is always asking what was it like when the world was in black and white , and when he feel happy he cuddles up and tells you - like he did the other week - I'm happy today Nana, when he said that I thought for a few seconds and asked if he was not always happy? He just looked at me seriously and said Yes, but I'm 'really happy' today ! for a two and a half year old that's something unusual.
There is something very special about being a grandparent to a child .
Lots of Love Kate xxx.