Bloggers Book for War Child Charity.

Hello Folks,

Well , I've done it again, I couldn't organise a menage (as they say in this part of the world).

It is just sooo typical , I was intending to send in a couple of blogs from my 'Manor' and have missed the date - which was 9th March - OOOOh ... I'm so angry and disappointed with myself.

<< The Two Kate Barrs- Note ciggie in hand !

The name of the book is to be 'You're Not the Only One' - well I will console myself with the knowledge that I can't be the only one who was daft enough not to check out when the latest date for blogs to be received was 9th March, there are probably a number of people in this position, surely I can't be the only 'Numpty' !

Blimey, you would think from the foregoing that I thought I had a chance of getting something of mine included believe me I didn't think I had a snowball's chance in H*ll of getting a look-in but I thought perhaps I could get one of my 'blethers' seen if not accepted.

I even had a couple of my blogs selected too, the one about my Mum talking to the mice and getting rid of them and the other one regarding the long fought altercation with my Nan about deciding whether to let her wash my curly locks on hairwash night. I have included a wee photo of my Nan in this post and would ask you to make the comparison of the image shown with someone of 58 years old now - haven't styles changed and people got a lot younger looking !
I loved the very bones of her then and always will...

Cheers to All, Kate xxx. (Numpty).