A Story of Mice and Imaginings..

Hello again folks,

I was reading through my posts this morning checking out it anyone had looked in and realized that I hadn't put an adjunct (beg puddin' Oh ! speak English Kate).. OK addition, to the "Childhood Memories" I meant to say that about 5 years ago there was an article in the newspaper about Buck House (Buckingham Palace) being inundated with mice and rats - Blimey, who'd have thunk it eh?

You know what's coming don't you? me being helpful, had to write and tell them what my Mum had done years ago to rid us of the little vagabonds and ask "them " (the power behind the throne - ie servants wot clean Her Majesties rooms ) to have a word on the QT with the little beggars and tell them - in no uncertain terms to go to ??? now there's a thing, where do they tell them to go ? I reasoned that if it worked in our humble abode then there was no reason why it could not work there... I thought well, if nothing else they (whoever opened the envelope) would get a laugh. Blow me, if I didn't get a reply with the crest and everything from one of her Maj's ladeez or one of the many Secretaries who thanked me for my information and told me that "reports of the infestation had been exaggerated " yeah, right ! I'm damn sure there must be millions running about the House there. Her Maj probably never even heard a scoobie about getting rid of the long tailed pests - or about some "nitwit" writing to her.

Just thinking about it though, can you imagine how long it would take to go round all the rooms and walk-in cupboards in the Pal ? probably too much to expect some folk to do that job. Just you remember too the next time you read in the papers that the Palace is coping with an infestation of wee long tailed animals.

Hope todays little episode gave you a laugh anyway - cheered me up too.. Cheers to All from Scotland, where the midges rule and the Haggi roam the streets..... Kate X.

** WARNING ** The reading of this article can Seriously Damage your Mental Health though unbelievably it is all completely true... Honest Injun !! (well apart from the bit about the Haggi roaming the streets ).

Cheers K, X.