A Small Lesson

[I learned how to send cell phone pictures to my e-mail]

On Sunday there was an explosion of color in the morning sky. I was blindsided by the beauty of it as I drove to the pool where I would spend the next eight hours. There were cartoonish clouds moving quickly across the eastern sky; shaped like open palms, spaceman heads, weeping willows, and one camel. As I drove they acquired a vivid underline of pink fire, illuminating them and adding a sort of heavenly fire to each underbelly. The western sky was a mass of pink, stretching far higher than the horizon and looking a bit apocalyptic [I had never seen so much of a single color in the sky before.] I wish I had something better than a cell phone camera to capture it with, but at least my memory will serve to remind me of what I saw. It was a truly glorious morning.

I saw this little fellow [with about six of his friends] in front of a very pink house in Annapolis tonight.