Living in the Past - Again !

Hello again to anyone looking in on this site for a laugh or whatever, for the last few days I have been racking my aged addled brain to try to make it burst into action in order to write something sensible into this blog . I seemed to have hit a brick wall and just when I'm trying to get some sleep in order to be up bright and early tomorrow morning to drive down to Dumfries -I ended up tossing and turning in bed and sleep was escaping further from me each minute.

For some unknown reason my head was filling with daft memories of playing beds, ball against a wall, peever and whip and peerie (games I had played 50 odd years ago). I must admit that having joined the technical revolution as soon as I got up and made a cuppa I had to turn on the PC and guess what, I keyed in whip and peerie and a whole flippen list of childhood games appeared before me. I had thought to do a blog with explanations and the enthusiasm for these childhood games - I figured my excitement would jump off the page. Well so much for that plan, didn't exactly work out very well did it ?

So, at the moment I'm looking at the list of the games I played and reminiscing - as usual ! I can so easily remember where I played Peever (or Beds), Peever with my old shoe polish tin, I can even remember spending ages playing whip and peerie, sitting beforehand with all the coloured chalks making patterns on the peerie so that when I walloped the peerie with my whip you could see the patterns of colours emerging....... As for ball against the wall, well.... I loved that - you had to have good timing for that game. You see you had to bounce two balls - one in each hand against a wall , sometimes you had to do little exercises - like clap you hands, touch you toe, turn around , all the time while the balls were bouncing and you were singing out - " One two three aleerie, four five six aleerie, seven eight nine aleerie, ten aleerie out of it ". Then the girl behind you took over the bouncing of the balls, this had to be done without halt to the game, sometimes there were four or five girls in a line behind you and each took it in turn to bounce the balls.

All that enjoyment without the use of a TV, Video, DVD or games Console too - Gosh we were deprived - No way ! we always had a whale of a time with all the games ! I can't help but feel the youngsters today are missing something...... they can't even play conkers now.

What a pity..... Having re-read this epistle, I have come to the conclusion which cannot now be denied - I have joined the group of "Grumpy old Bats" who now are starting to inhabit this Earth in their multitudes !

Move over Grumpyoldwoman - Will you Please let me in ? Love Kate X.