[Caitlin Duennebier - Blanket Fort #6]

I took a snow day today... mostly because I can't resist them or playing hooky in general, and also because I am sort of the definition of non-essential at my job. So I just watched like 5 episodes of the Office while sewing a new embroidery project [a chrysanthemum!]. I'm about to work on Gilson and then some drawing, but what I really want to do is construct a blanket fort like the one here in Caitlin Duennebier's photos.

My siblings and I were the masters of tree forts, blanket forts, booby-trapped hideaways, and all other sorts of private abodes which were hostile to intruders. I guess I've carried that tendency into adult life, preferring my solitude and privacy, and my ability to take my little-dormouse self into a small snowy hole for the winter. Like Lucy Snowe, I wonder sometimes if I'll make it back out of my retreat, or whether my bones will be discovered come spring, picked clean by a stray magpie or jay.


We are who we are not and life is swift and sad. The sound of waves at night is a nocturnal sound, and how many have heard it in their own soul like the constant hope breaking in the dark in a dull thud of dense foam! What tears were shed by those who failed, what tears were spent by those who reached their goal! In my stroll by the sea, all this came to me like the secrets of the night, the whispered confidences of the abyss. How many we are, how many of those selves we deceive! What seas break in us, in the night of our being, all along beaches that we only sense in the full flood of our emotion!

What we lost, what we should have loved, what we got and were, by mistake, contented with, what we loved and lost and, once lost, saw that we had not loved but loved it still just because we had lost it; what we believed we thought when we felt something; what we believed to be an emotion and was in fact only a memory; and, as I walked, the whole sea came rolling in, cool and clamorous, from the deepest reaches of the dark to etch itself delicately along the sands...