Boobs etc...

Hello Folks,

Well if you thought I was referring to the female variety you have been had! I'm actually talking about the 'mistakes' type of boob ! As can be seen by the previous blog, I made a boob big style, this comes of rushing at things like a bull in a china shop - typical Taurus !

Pi (Past Imperfect) started me listening to these videos you see on peoples blogs occasionally - I have tried listening to them a few times and thought (as in this case) Wow... Blue Eyes! well, you see I'm a sucker for 'Frankie boy's voice' - Oh, I know he was no angel but he had a fantastic voice ! I could listen to his singing forever.... Anyway, I thought I would load the video on to me blog . That was mistake number one, next mistake was I pressed something I shouldn't have and ended up putting on the blog the details of the song etc. The thing is it means that anyone who wants to hear it has to click and then has to return to me site - the foregoing explanation is a bit long-winded, but I think you will know what I mean.

I have decided that due to the confusion I caused in the foregoing exercise I will refrain from doing anything on me blog without the express say so of someone who can operate this piece of technology, as already stated I am not even penpals with that techno..... whatsit !

Will therefore halt this epistle and have another go again in a few days........

Byeeee all, Kate X.