Hi All,

My P.C. looked so lonely this morning under the layer of frost that I took pity on it and decided to have a natter and when I looked out of my garret window what did I see ? a flippen freezing scene ice as thick as a couple of bottle bottoms - can't see out at all , it's ruddy perishing ! I really will need to get a central heating service engineer organized so that we can get some heating (that works).... This land, which is Scotland is very beautiful but Hells Bells , it's bloody freezing in the winter. Especially when you live with a demented other whose idea of heating is "as long as it is over 10 degrees then ya don't need heating ," just look at the piccie at the bottom of the page ! he's a right hardy Scotsman - cold showers, and all that ! (would have done well at Gordonstoun) . Me ? well I'm the total opposite I like nothing better than to bathe in the heat - though not too hot 'cos I am still menopausal (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

Anyway back to business I have been checking out the other blogging sites - I just love the idea of getting a look into how other people live, don't you ? you kind of 'peep' into other lives - a bit like reality TV only without the crap that the Directors decide you should see. The only thing is I like to make comment when I call, 'cos I'm nosy and like to "talk" and it's always nice to get feedback on what you are doing. I know I'm mainly doing this for therapeutic reasons 'cos I'm going steadily downhill with age and getting to visit Doolally (a wee place in India, dont ya know) more regularly nowadays. It is lovely though to find out that there are other folk just as nosy as me! know what I mean? I was adding to me profile yesterday and blow me but according to that there have been over a hundred folk having a decco at me site but hardly anyone says Hello, so if anybody can spare a couple of minutes I would be really grateful if you could say Hi ! It also means that I don't get lonely AWWWWW.... and think I'm yakking to the wall - I know I'm called lunatic-kate but there's another reason for that !

Well this is a short post for me today, but my youngest grandson has just arrived and therefore time to get organized , now let's see, the hatches are all battened down and I'm ready for the hurricane, so ?

Byee Kate X....... ARRRRHHHHHHH...........