Typical Mixups and me..

Hi Folks,

This is just typical, ya follow all the directions to join this group of nutters (though to be honest there ain't many instructions needed) ... and what happens - a ruddy unholy mess erupts ! Hey people out there, this page was supposed to be coloured "rose pink" flippen Nora ! I can't do anything right! either that or the Universe is conspiring against me once again... know what I mean ? eeeeeeekkk! OK start again Kate, cool calm and corrected...

Hello All - my name is Kate and to all who don't know me you soon will - I'm a bit of a nutcase if truth be known and to do this was only suggested to me the other day about joining this site, this suggestion was made by a friend - who also is a nutter by the way. I did tell her that I didn't have the inclination to join 'another' site . But you all know how it is when someone plants a seed (and me being a typical people pleaser) it can't help but grow - in this case though I doubt she knew what she was starting.

Let's see picture this - a P.C. in the corner of the spare room, (empty) a chair (empty) a keyboard yelling for attention --- OK, I was Sold.. The only thing is I am not alone, I have a demented male companion who seeks attention a lot of the time (husband) . Now what is he gonna say when I gently slip into the conversation the fact that I'm going to join another Blogging site - ooooeeer.. don't think he will be painting rainbows ... what to do? I know I'll just do it and pay for it afterwards - ( well, that's what most women do anyway - what the Hell) !!!

So now people you are up to date, I'm here and ready to go ... Let me tell you a story about Shambles Manor ( our House in the wilds of Scotland ) on the outside of which the midges live and wild Haggi roam the streets......

Love Kate X.