Rememberings.. of what ?

Hello again All,

I tried to re-set my colour on the posts - and as you can see my taste in Wallpaper is as lacking as my sense of furniture arranging so I have given up in the meantime.. Well, I did say that I lived in 'Shambles Manor' didn't I ?

As I look out of my garret I can see all sorts of thing floating by - ducks, swans , hens, huh ? well, not quite hens yet - but I can picture then joining the general hubbub in the near future should the rain and torrents continue. At the mo' we are only under 6 feet of water and the land of the tartan and the Haggi is being swamped (if you'll pardon the expression) by deluges which are ever being poured on us by "on high".

Let us not however dwell on that though, my imagination is rolling onward comrades - I remember when the world was black and white and people were nice to each other, when nobody locked their doors and when music was played and you could hear the lyrics - and what's more the lyrics actually made sense and could really mean something to people. But I won't indulge myself in nostalgia because life now has the "internet" among other things, that is some invention ! Flaming Nora, I don't even know who invented the Computer, Internet and E Mails - ( check that out later Kate).... I am trying desperately to increase me poor brain cells and if I can't get near to my beautiful P.C. on a daily basis I am HELL to live with (just ask my demented other).

Have you ever looked through photographs with someone (old photos - Oh Lord, are there any other kinds).. and the other person say "Oh my goodness, you look soooooo young" - Grrrr.. Well, considering the fact that I am now in me dotage (well not quite, but nearly - ermm.. whisper it 60 - harumph ! and I've stopped counting).... I didn't take to her comment too well - she is still in her 20's you see, then she said it again - ARGHH ! I was only 19 in the photo, it was taken in another lifetime and what's more I looked rather good as it happens, was dressed to go to a wedding, at that time you dressed to go - only in the kind of dressed up gear that we 19yr olds used to dress in . ie cream silk dress, cream bag, velvet hat in a gorgeous shade of petrol blue (though you can't see that in the photo in black and white land y'know) and, wait for it - a full length (real) fur coat. (at that time my future mother in laws best)... It went down to my calves don'tcha know and I thought I was the bees knees....

I did try to explain that when she was my age she would , in her head still be thinking like a 20 year old but it's very difficult to get younger ones to understand, just like it's difficult to grasp the fact that we are all aging at a hang of a rate and time is so precious and so quick in dissappearing. Hence the reason for this blog - I reasoned that if I wrote this before old age caught up with me then my family would be able to see that although I acted like a nutcase i did try and use some brain cells to engage in communication with people and not just sink into oblivion.

Blimey, I've gone on a bit in this Blog - Well 'him indoors' does say that I don't know when to stop, Hmmmm.... what next ?

Cheers till next time chicks, Kate X.