Ingo Maurer - Lucellino

Two weekends ago I went to New York for a mini-vacation and to visit with some much-missed friends. Since I've been horridly sick since then I haven't had the energy to do too much remembering and writing, but I'm finally starting to feel better, so here goes.

Since David was busy with work on Friday (when I arrived), I met my friend Pablo at Grand Central to show him some of my favorite little spots in my old neighborhood. I had some time before Pablo arrived and so I walked over to my beloved NY Public Library, the main, lion-bedecked branch. They were showing bits and pieces of Jack Kerouac writing, photography, and history. I had studied Kerouac and the other Beats in college with Ann Charters (who actually had a photograph exhibited, which was pretty neat), so I was really excited to see an exhibit so tailored to my own interests. Oddly enough, what i found most interesting were the pages and pages of "fantasy" sports statistics that Kerouac had compiled as a child and then throughout his life. He was apparently a bit compulsive about statistics and had a great love for Baseball, horse racing, and other sports. He would create fantasy teams, stage games, tabulate results, and even write up a miniature broadsheet announcing the outcome of the matches and games.

I met up with Pablo and we travelled to the Neue Galerie where they had taken down all of the Schiele (to my dismay) in order to stage a full Klimt exhibition. I hadn't been there since the acquisition of Adele Bloch-Bauer so it was a treat to see that masterpiece as well as the scores of drawings they were showing. Espresso at the Cafe Sabarsky only added to the experience. Pablo and I walked down Madison (past my favorite shops) and over to La Tour to have some delicious french bistro food.

Saturday was absolutely frigid but David and I went into the city to see the
Ingo Maurer lighting exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design. It was FANTASTIC, beautiful, provocative, and really, really fun. There were flying lightbulbs, holographic images, LED wallpaper, wax tables, animatronic toys, and a breathtaking cracked porcelain chandelier. We got slices of pizza at Pintailes and then pastries at Payard and went home to nap/rest before going out.

David and I met two friends at Joe's Pub to see Tim Fite perform. I honestly don't know how to describe this performance other than to say I smiled alot and it was because of the animation, the stories, the paper hat that I kept, the expensive drinks, and the heaps of laughter and singing that were going on. It was a damn fun show and we went dancing at the Annex afterwards. Saturday ended at like 5 am with pierogis at Veselka. I was exhausted and very happy.

Sunday was quiet, David, Ryan and I saw Atonement in the afternoon and then we went downtown to meet Pablo and a friend of his for dinner at Supper. Dinner was delicious, the company was fantastic, and we got to sneak glances at a few famous faces while there.

It was a wonderful weekend and exactly what I needed.

The flu knocked me pretty squarely on my back, but I've been reading pages out of Pessoa's Book of Disquiet, and cramming way too many sewing projects into my head. I plan on resuming my embroidery as well as my attempts to learn how to make my own clothes!