On Stupidity

Odilon Redon

In re-reading the notebook mentioned in the post below, I found this gem from issue 36 of FMR:

From Leonardo Sciascia's essay on "Alberto Savinio:"

... faced with a stupidity his thoughts are filled with wonder like Kant's in contemplation of the starry sky. 'Stupidity, this unavowable love, exercises a hypnotic hold on us, an unswerving attraction. I have sometimes felt it in the tram, in public places, in a cafe. I am sitting in the cafe, with several strangers sitting beside me, while I am wandering through the most uncharted continents of thought. As usually happens, their talk gives off an air of ineffable, inspired, spell-binding stupidity. Gradually, my adventure grows dim, I lose the thread of my solitary journey, I give in to the primordial wave of stupidity, my ear is full of the siren song. Intelligence, farewell! I no longer think, I no longer seek, I no longer desire. A rapturous languor steals over me, as when after a prolonged period of insomnia steals one's sinews melt in the voluptuous prostration of sleep. Now turning to you, I ask you: for us sons of Intelligence, for us sons of sin, might not this lure not perhaps be the very distant, nostalgic call of Paradise Lost?'