My Favourite Animals....

Hello again,

Decided to get rid of the "Grannie on a Moped" piccie and opted for the canine beauty instead, can't help it, am a sucker for animals and "Dogs" in particular. I can't understand people who don't like dogs ..... it's a total mystery to me - Blimey! I can remember when I was 4 years old when I "rescued" a Fox Terrier from the park across the road. We later learned that he was called Whiskey (same as my Nan's cat).

I say "rescued" knowing that in actual fact I sorta kidnapped him, well, I put it into his head. I had had a long conversation with him in the park and asked him if he would like to come and stay at my house for a while - I didn't have a dog at the time and I told him that I liked the look of him and would like to have a pal who would enjoy playing in the park with me. He could play with balls and run about with me having all sorts of adventures - I suppose he thought it would be a good deal for him and so he followed me back across the road to where I stayed.

I imagine you can guess what my Mum had to say about bringing home a dog, she checked his tag and phoned his owner who was frantic, he had run away that morning. My Mum explained that there was no way " we " could have a dog in the house, there were, after all - Mum, Dad, my brother of 18 months and myself in a flat which had one bedroom a living room and bathroom so there was no way we could have a dog. I was bereft and it took two weeks for me to forget Whiskey who had been "my" dog (I got a reward from his owners so that helped - a bit) !

I have memories of each and every one of the several dogs which have shared my life since. Unfortunately, my demented other doesn't like dogs - so for the last 5 years since "Trixie" died I have been completely dog-less .

I met my present husband about 18 years ago and at that time DO (demented other) had to accept that Trixie was in my life too so between them there was a sort of agreement or pact to agree to differ, as it were. I think the fact that DO doesn't like dogs stems from not having had any pets when he was young. He was one of 8 children you see and I assume that his Mother had no room for anything else never mind pets..... she had enough to cope with !

Trixie was a cross Westie cum Cairn ( she looked like a Westie but just had something not quite right about her as a pedigree westie). I got her as a young dog (from a Rescue Home) and she lived until she was 18 or more.... She died about 4 years ago now and after she died she used to visit us - No, I'm not joking (or telling porkies). Just after I went to bed at night and after I had put out the light, I could swear that I could hear her coming into the bedroom, circle several times round and round and finally settle down to sleep on the floor at my side of the bed. It was something she always did while alive, I was terrified to put my hand down the side of the bed in case I could really feel her. I had that feeling for months after she died - and I can't walk by a westie without thinking of her and missing her.

She was the last dog I had and I will probably never get another as DO could not countenance having another one. He likes us to have the freedom to be able to come and go as we please, seeing as how the two of us are retired and "Old Fogeys". I suppose he is right, but OMG do I miss these wagging tails..........

Flaming Nora, I've just posted another Epistle, Bye for now chicks - Love Kate X.