More Rememberings.....

Hi There,

Flippen Nora! normally when I log on to engage in chat with you I don't have any bother but as luck would have it this morning the Universe is on a conspiring bent and I have just spent some time trying firstly to unravel the mysteries of attempting to join you. I have said before that machinery (beg puddin') technology and I are not joined at the hip, in fact to be honest, we are not even pen pals. The next problem came when I tried to check this post - I ended up losing the post then finding it in draft - and I haven't a scoobie how to retrieve it out of there - however, managed to print off a post copy, so I'll just re-type - Grrrrrrr!

So I am repeating myself again (not unusual) however - This is now Wednesday and this is the day when I child-sit (well he's not a baby now) my youngest grandchild. This is when Shambles Manor earns it's name, so we have to batten down the hatches and get ready for the tornado or hurricane that is Louis, he is, what people call a "right cutie" but they all are, all 8 of them .
He can as they all can at that age, twist anyone round his little finger and being a child of two and a half (with the wiles of a ten year old) can cause havoc wherever he deposits his little feet.

There is a reason for my bringing up the fact that I'm looking after him today, it is due to the fact that I was dreaming last night - do you ever dream dreams which are so incredibly real that when you wake you don't know whether or not you are awake ? I do get some "stoaters" ( a Scottish expression for really amazing) ! In the dream I was taken back to the time when I was only about three years old and staying over at my Nana's - she had a cat called Whiskey! it was a demon for catching mice - bringing them home to her and the little "toe rag" would put it down in front of her - Whiskey would lift his paw to let the mouse think it could get away and let it go a few steps and then grasp it firmly again! So can you picture this ? Nan's living room, table at window, Nana standing on one chair at one side of the table and me on the other both screaming, her at Whiskey yelling "stop it Whiskey, LEAVE IT ALONE ! LEEEAAVEEE "! Whiskey finally got the message when he was ready and Nan was finally able to clear away the mess - that cat was something else...

I used to stay over nearly every weekend at Nana's and loved nothing better than at night sitting in front of the "real fire" in the grate, getting a cool cup of sweet tea handed to me . Then later lying in bed ' cooering up to her back' and falling asleep hearing her talk about "the old days". I spent most weekends there for years and although she died over thirty five years ago I still miss her. Isn't it amazing what comes to your mind out of the blue and memory chugs into play - I have no idea whether many or indeed any of you will read this - most will , I assume think it is rubbish, but it is weird how the older you get - the more you remember.

Now, if I could remember where I put the presents for my God-daughter's 21st (which I'm ashamed to say was last June by the way) I would be more than a little relieved. The problem is I moved them a few days ago and can't for the life of me remember where I put them. Maybe if they still lived on the other side of the City it would be easier ?? No not really let's be honest, I've always been late - for everything..

Blimey, I'd better stop this post it's getting more like an Epistle every time - till next time chicks.

Love Kate xxx.