Hoovers, Dysons and other vacuums...

Hi Folks,

I don't mean to steal "grumpyoldwoman's " comment but I just reread her post in respect of hoovering, dysoning and Henry-ing and I feel I must own up to being addicted to vacuuming, I can't sit down in the morning to have breakfast or read the paper until I have made the bed, vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the Bathroom and finally loaded and set the washing machine.... Yeah ! " I know I have a problem " I'm thinking of starting a support group but I'm not sure how many people I would be able to round up who have the same problem - therefore how many I could persuade to join my organisation ?

Have no idea where the addiction has come from, it's not as though I was brought up in a home where my Mum was extraordinarily clean, and in actual fact it doesn't bother me at all to sit in someones's home who lives in a total "tip" ! It's just that I can't bear it in my own home. It is not helped either by having carpets laid throughout the flat which are plain, dark blue and on which you can see a crumb, fleck of wool or literally anything at all... It drives me batty, I got another Dyson about 8 months ago to replace the last one, which had lived a whole 10 years before it gave up the ghost. The problem with this latest one is that as well as picking up all dust and rubbish lying on the carpets it also sucks up and changes the green rubberised underfelt underneath the carpet to a fine green powder . So now we have patches of carpet which are underfelt-less (is there such a word) ? anyway, I have a constant reminder of my dead as a dodo underfelt everytime I vacuum as you can clearly see the fine green powder stacking up inside the clear canister holder of the Dyson. mmmm..... nice.

I used to have an old detached 8 apartment house years ago and even then I had to vacuum every day - the daft thing is while I was doing it I knew I was going over carpets in rooms which I'd hardly used - I still vacuumed them though ! (DUH)..... I definitely have a problem, I will either have to change from having plain coloured carpets , or go for cream-coloured carpets that don't show all the itty bitty crumbs or lay some wood flooring....

Any suggestions ? Kate X.

Blimey, no wonder I chose lunatic-kate for my blog.
P.S. The photograph is a representation of a gorgeous cottage - where I would love to live - one day . Ahhh... Heaven, well my idea of it anyway.