Even more rememberings...

Hello again all,

Yeah I know me again, the nutter who sits at a PC a lot of her time trying to ........ erm do what exactly? Well to be honest, I'm not too sure - I only know that even writing this blog is like a kind of therapy, a friend told me recently that even if no-one even saw it - it would be good for my sanity and therefore therapeutic reasons. Now that comment there gave me the reason for setting my thoughts down in black and white - another thing about a PC it's a hellova lot easier to type, scroll back, erase and add things you forget (as I do all the time) - it's certainly quicker than writing it all out in longhand. Gosh, do people still do longhand writing - Oh mind you - I watched J.K. Rowling being interviewed the other day and she was talking about writing out her books in longhand. Flaming Nora, must have plenty of muscles in her writing arm, just think of how many words are in one of her books.

Blimey, here I go again, my wayward mind is making the connection between J.K. Rowling's writing arm and Martina Navratilova's arm - wow! Have you ever noticed the difference in the sizes of her arms ? just shows you what all that exercise does for you..... OOps... now, why is it I wanted to log in at this time of night and chat on here erm.... Oh yes, now I remember !

I was chatting about memories of my Nan - another fond, well not so fond at the time, related to when I stayed over and Nan used to wash my hair - I was still about three, now this was at the time when everyone washed their hair once a week - my day was Friday night ( this was also in the old black and white days when there were only a few makers of shampoo and only three types ie. for dry hair, normal hair, and greasy hair, my they were uncomplicated days). OH BOY ! did I make a fuss... I was terrified of the water running over my face you see, am convinced that in a previous life I drowned. Picture this, Nan and I in the small scullery (kitchenette) of her house - it must only have measured about six feet by four feet. Anyway, I was kneeling on a chair at the sink with towel well wrapped round my neck, she would then proceed to spray the water on to me noddle - screams would then ensue and a break was called. Next try more or less proceeded the same way... I got myself sooo worked up that she would deposit me outside the door of the tenement flat with the door closed till I calmed down sufficiently to try again. Inevitably I would have to relent and plead and tearfully accept that my hair had to be washed so I approached the "gallows" as it were with not very good grace. We went through the procedure - I would imagine loads of times. I am still petrified of water over my face when swimming - I can swim, learned at school - the breaststroke, but can't swim and breathe at the same time so when I need to breathe I stop and put my feet down . I daren't go near the Deep end 'cos certain sure I would drown - God knows what I look like swimming - probably like some demented duck with my neck groaning - must be doing some amount of damage to my neck discs...

The thing that got me, was that when my younger sister and brother were born, a wonderful invention was made and put on the market. It consisted of a 'thingy' that went over your head and it was elasticated and fitted your head, it stayed in place over your ears and the flippen water or shampoo never got near your face or even into your eyes. Oh isn't life awkward, then , when my children were young they brought out shampoos for children which didn't sting eyes - Oh what I would have given for these things to have been on the go when I was wee ..... God bless Mr. Johnson I say !

Well folks, I think I'd better put a sock in it and get back to bed 'cos that's now 2 am. and I desperately need my sleep - Art Class tomorrow where I can indulge my artistic bent for a while.

Bye chicks, Kate X.