Childhood Memories...

As usual folks I am compelled to write more of my rememberings, when I needed to type a title for this post I hit a brick wall. Does that happen to you at all or is it just because I'm a relative newcomer to the world of Blogging?

Talk about the past coming up to haunt you - someone was talking about mice in their house recently and it rung bells with me - I know - really must see about my Tinnitus....

Memory clicking in stage left - This is something which will probably convince you that I really am "round the twist" as it were. When I was nearly eleven years old my family moved to stay in a house where the back garden and Drying Green backed on to a field. I was the eldest of five children and to live near such a large (playground) was a marvellous experience for us. We all have memories of playing there, while the grass was long we would be hunters running through jungles and have adventures and when the grass had been cut we would attempt to build huts and have places where we could hide using branches and wood etc. In other words it was quite an idyllic play area for youngsters.

Now for the first five years after we moved there during the last days of Autumn and Winter was creeping in - my parents lives and ours were tormented by little pests (field mice) who, no matter how my Dad sealed up holes, laid traps etc and did everything he could to stop them getting into our house - he never ever succeeded. Sure as God made little apples, we would all be sitting round the TV on a winters night and we would hear a scuffle coming from somewhere and a little animal would shoot from the Kitchen across the floor of the Living Room to goodness knows where... Now this happening would be more than a little disconcerting for the kids who were in the unfortunate position of being on the floor - rather than on one of the "chairs" belonging to "The Suite", if you had not quickly bagged a seat then you would have to loll floorwards. Keeping an eye open for little beasties with long tails.

As I said, my parents were tearing their hair out for nearly five years, one autumn afternoon my Mum was sitting at her sewing machine - going good style, probably making another matching outfit for us kids (from we were toddlers till we were too old for them, we each had a matching gingham set - girls skirts - boys shirts girls white tops. (we looked like kids from Sound of Music) Only we wore them more than they did.

The TV was on while she sewed and something she heard made her stop and take notice, it was a lady talking about how to get rid of mice and beasties from your house. She said that all that was required would be to go into every room and walk-in cupboard in your house and just explain to the mice or whatever, that you were afraid of them and that they would be better off going to ................. and that "they" would like them to stay "there". Now the point of the missing words is to let you know that you had to tell the mice where to go, but you must not tell anyone else. This suggestion to Mum was helpful as at the time we had a little problem with a neighbour of ours. This then was an electric light moment for Mum. She thought about it - but said nothing to any of us and on a day later in the week she tried it out. It was only afterwards that she owned up to the action which she had taken and told us that while she was doing it she was very embarrassed and felt a right TWIT. But she had to do it - as she had come to the end of her tether and was dreading another winter with our little friends.

From that day on none of us ever saw any sign , or hide nor hair of any little wild creature in the house . My Mum lived another thirty years and died in that house which was still mice-less. All of our family can attest to this and all of us remember the fright you got each time one of the little tykes made an appearance.

I tell you something else too, none of us have ever had any problems with vermin of any kind in any of our houses and a few of us have lived in or near the countryside. I can't speak for the rest but wherever I have lived I always have a little walkaround and have a word on the quiet with any tiny creatures that might be listening.

Sleep well Chicks, Kate X.