found here; cited as:

Th. Von RINGOLTINGEN/ die Geshichte der scöne MelusineNüremberg, Nat. Mus. Ms 4028

I used to find something every day that I wish I were studying or could spend a few blissful months researching and learning. I now find something like that once every two weeks or so, but the feeling is still there--the desire to be always learning.

New mythologies and legends are most likely to have this effect on me. When I was reading A.S. Byatt's Possession a year or two ago, I discovered the myth of Melusine. The story, is integral to the factual plot of the novel, as well as being key in the development of the secrecy/deception theme of the book. (If you're unfamiliar with it, wikipedia
is always there to help). I quickly snatched up all of the books on this myth, plus some on Breton, Ys, and a few children's renditions, for good measure. But I was never able to really explore any of it. (I think I was also in the middle of Euclid, Leibniz, and an in-progress exploration of C.S. Lewis).

But these exciting-yet-discarded projects are starting to depress me a little. I have all sorts of journal marginalia with hasty ideas:

"Peeperkorn & Dionysus/Delphic oracle's Python

...need to read more"


"Babel; Borges & Pierre Menard;

cabalists and the name of God"

But the one I'd most like to pursue looks something like:

"La Cathédrale Engloutie; Ys & Secrecy;

Melusine; destruction and preservation"

It's just too easy to get sidetracked or diverted, and too difficult to actually get started on a new learning project. I wish it were otherwise, but I often need a group or an assignment to keep me motivated, and without the ease of the academic environment, those appreciated spurs are hard to find.