On the Horizon

J. S. Sargent: Venice par temps gris

from this excellent and comprehensive online gallery of his works

While this blog continues to grow threadbare (accurately reflecting my mind at the moment), I thought I would pose a few questions to any readers who have already begin the process of PhD programs. I am going to be applying this autumn for enrollment in 2008 and would love any advice on preparing for the GREs, navigating faculty departments and knowing what to look for in potential advisers, the sort of writing samples it's best submit, actual foreign language requirements, financial support, etc. etc.

Any information on applying internationally (UK) would be fantastic as well, differences in financial provision, requirements, etc.

I am reading Flaubert's Sentimental Education this week, as a break from Man Without Qualities, which I am nearly finished, having entered into his notes and drafts of the last written sections. Planning on following Flaubert with some more essays by Eco, and some new-to-me editions of FMR magazine.

Had a lovely Saturday past, reaping the rewards of waking up early by enjoying the final day of the Sargent in Venice exhibit at Adelson Galleries, a walk in the fleeting spring-ish weather, and a delicious brunch with David. The park was mobbed with runners, cyclists, and swarms of people blinking at the sun, but my favorite haunt, in the NE corner, was wonderfully quiet and still.

I may say how ready I am to move out of this massive, grave city, but I am quite excited to see how spring pops up. For some reason, the anticipation of spring makes me crave a leisurely high tea. I need to find a good place to make this happen.