Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

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In response to this tag by the very kind Tom Roper (an authentic librarian), I am happy to present the following:

Five [Astounding, Invigorating, and Swoon-Inducing] Things You Did Not Know About Clavdia Chauchat

1) Clavdia Chauchat is not my real name.

2) I have been known to spend ludicrous amounts of time in the pursuit of completing the newest Link/Zelda game; forgoing food, exercise, and normal human interaction. [This shameful, wonderful tendency has also manifested itself in reaction to Warcraft (PC), The Sims, (PC), and Fable (XBOX)].

3) I am not always alone. In fact, the people I never mention in my blog are actually quite present in my life. They also have names and are very nice, interesting folks. Sorry for not mentioning you earlier!

4) For 10+ years I was a bona fide athlete: field hockey and track for fun, swimming in earnest. I competed at a the NCAA D1 level and was not too shabby. It was the most formative and difficult thing I ever committed myself to. I gave it up to go to London for a few months and then returned to become a professional student/ student-in-waiting.

5) I have a cross-shaped scar on my right ankle; a trio of stars tattooed on my right hipbone, a seated mermaid tattooed on my lower left back, and a flying owl tattooed on my right shoulder blade. I faint when my blood is taken and cannot stand the smell of rubbing alcohol or baby powder.

Ahem, and with that, I tag the following people (my apologies!)