I forgot the most important memory that had been haunting me!

Eating green tea mochi in the bathtub...my claw-footed bathtub in Annapolis. I used to spend every night in that bathtub, with glorious mounds of bubbles or white tea infusions, but always with three little green tea mochi which I would eat sowly, the first retaining its frozen inside but the last held together only by that fantastic shell they have.

I actually took a picture of this bathtub before I left it, the little claw nails had even been painted black to contrast with the porcelain of the rest of the tub. It was the best.

That entire apartment was the best. These were the views from my kitchen (which doubled as a study):

(the magnolia tree that amazed me as much as Anne's Snow Queen)

If I could return there now...the beautiful, strange people, the highest heights reached, the cold snaps of morning, tea shops, coffee shops, ice cream shops, the water and the bridge. And the school! I miss it more than any place I've ever been. Those were the richest, most difficult, most surprising two years of my life.