A Gorey Hallowe'en

I adore Halloween--it is simply the most fun holiday we have. Thanksgiving and Christmas are nostalgia-ridden, and New Year's Eve is consistently overrated, but Halloween (for me) is a bit magical.

It's really just that I love dressing up. And this year I've decided to dress (along with my sister) as an Edward Gorey child. I'm choosing a pinafore, ribbed tights, and a tombstone inscribed with my fate:

"Z is for Zillah who drank too much gin"

(found on flickr)

My dream Halloween would be to go as the nocturnal owl--a tawny feathered cape, a fuzzy cream sweater dress, and a meticulously crafted owl-hood sort of thing (I'm not really sure where one would find these things, but it's a dream after all)