Paris Fashion Week : Wrap-up

Some favorites from Paris FW :

YSL: Stefano just does it for me, and so does Irina. She makes this dress (which on Vlada or Doutzen, etc would look entirely different), it's not frilly or poufy but straight up gorgeous, delicate, and a little bit dark.

A. McQueen:

Simply the most dramatic show of the season and heartily welcome after scary-skinny gladiators of last season.

A yummy mix of couture details and beauty: decadent dresses, tweedy English romance, falconry and millinery (!), hologramic Kate Moss, and a collective, continued intake of breath

Dries van Noten:

Easily my favorite runway (as runway); as always the prints were perfection and the pieces were the sort that you want to have forever, not for a one-night stand

Sophia Kokosalakai:

Definitely darker than previous collections, and suspiciously lacking a profusion of knotted, twisted, draped chiffon. I loved the pieces that reminded me of her past collections, like this dress with its beautiful knotted hem- and neckline, and the fashion-forward shape.

Louis Vuitton:

I'm not as much of a MARC!!!!!! fan as many, but his draping at Marc Jacobs was beautiful and made me want to be Katherine Hepburn and comfortable, and his coats at LV were jaw-dropping:

(all images:

There was more, but isn't there always when it comes to fashion? Sometimes (most of the time) I'd rather read the testimonies of those people who sit a bit more still and amass an actual "look," not a phony sort of look, a "signature style" encouraged by glossies and sales reps, but a true outpouring of one's aesthetic emotions and intellectual convictions...if that's even possible.

Fashion Week always begins rapturously and ends with me a bit sick to my stomach.